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Custom made Temporary Tattoos


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Fast Tats


To place an order either fill out the enquiry form below with your quantity and tattoo size you require or email us on info@soapandwatertattoos.co.uk


Send us your artwork using the upload facility in the enquiry form below or as a attachment to info@soapandwatertattoos.co.uk

The Pricing for Fast tats is a little bit different than our commercial-grade tattoos. Instead of getting a price per tattoo, the price is based on the number of A4 sheets needed to produce the quantity you want. Depending on the size and dimensions of the tattoos that you're looking for, we can fit anywhere from 1-50 tattoos on a single sheet.


Here's a base for comparison:

1.5" x 1.5" tattoos - 28 per sheet

2" x 2" tattoos - 20 per sheet

3" x 2" tattoos - 11 per sheet

3" x 3" tattoos -6 per sheet




There are a couple of things to note about fast tatts -

No GLUE MASK unlike our Commercial Grade tattoos, Fast Tats do not have a glue mask which is customized to the shape of the tattoo. Fast Tats must be individually cut-out from the sheet.

Fast Tats are printed in full-color; however white ink is not available.

Fast Tats last between 2 and 4 days on the skin.

Unlike our commercial grade tattoos Fast Tats do not have instructions printed on the reverse.

They come with an instruction sheet providing the details of how to apply the tattoos

Prices exclude VAT at the standard rate

If you need less than 500 temporary tattoos our small custom temporary tattoo runs are the best option.

Ready within 2-3 working days,this is a great option if you want a  small run of temporary tattoos, or don’t have time to wait!

Available from just 1 sheet, it makes it our Fast Tats an ideal way to try out that tattoo youve always wanted to get, perfect for birthdays, stag/hen do's, weddings or as charity fundraisers.






Fast tat prices


1 A4 sheet £12.00

2 A4 sheets £23.00

3 A4 sheets £33.00

5 A4 sheets £49.00

10 A4 sheets £92.00


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Product Specifications

Printed on Waterslide Decal paper

Printed in 4 colour(CMYK) no white available.

Standard turnaround is five working days.

Send us your design via email info@soapandwatertattoos.co.uk or post and we will do the layout (at no extra charge), print and ship.

If you need more than 500 sheets and can wait 2-3 weeks for delivery  CLICK HERE