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Custom made Temporary Tattoos


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Uses for your custom made temporary tattoos

Advertising Agencies & Public Relations Firms

Advertising agencies and public relations firms can use temporary tattoos to promote their own companies or as an additional strategy to promote their clients. Tattoos can be passed out during advertising trade shows, conferences, and speaking events. Also, temporary tattoos can benefit client campaigns, especially those that have event marketing or direct mail functions.



Charities, Fundraisers & Non-Profit Organizations

Temporary tattoos are an ideal way to help express the spirit of your charity, fundraiser, or non-profit organization. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion for your charity while raising awareness for your cause. Simply turn your non-profit organization’s slogan or mission into a temporary tattoo and spread the importance of your campaign to people of all ages.



Company and Corporate Logos

In today’s aggressive economy, it is important to be creative and stand out from your competition. Help advertise your company by making your logo into a temporary tattoo or simply hand out some of our popular themed assortment tattoos during promotional events. This will undoubtedly draw attention to your business in an exciting and unique way.



Consumer Products Companies 

Consumer products companies often use events and guerilla marketing as a way to promote their brands. Let temporary tattoos help with this effort. Hand out temporary tattoos during trade shows, conferences, and other events. Provide temporary tattoos to retailers who distribute product as a retail promotion. Also, try packaging temporary tattoos with a product to provide customers with a fun way to show support.



Event Marketing & Trade Shows

Let our temporary tattoos help you advertise at event marketing venues or trade shows. It is imperative to stand out from others at these events and provide potential customers with unique give-a-ways. Our line of vintage temporary tattoos can assist in making your merchandise memorable to consumers of all ages.



Food & Beverage Companies

Add flair to the food and beverage industry by giving away temporary tattoos. If you work at a company that is food or beverage oriented, you can draw attention to particular brands or items by giving away a temporary tattoo upon the purchase of the product. Also, use our customized temporary tattoos to achieve consumer awareness or market new and improved goods.




Museums & Libraries

Get people of all ages excited about reading and history. Temporary tattoos can facilitate in making education fun and upbeat. Distribute temporary tattoos at museums and libraries and set a positive tone for learning in the eyes of our youth




Sports Companies/Sports Marketing/Sporting Events

Temporary tattoos are a very popular component of any sporting event. Fans have always enjoyed adorning their faces and bodies with tattoos supporting their favorite sports team. That’s why our line of Sports and Mascot temporary tattoos is a perfect give-a-way for sport companies, sports marketing, and sporting events of all kinds.









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